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David McReynolds is well known in peace and social justice circles for his 40-year career on the War Resisters League (WRL) staff, his years of leadership in the Socialist Party (SPUSA), and his political writings. Many more came to know him as a result of political campaigns for Congress from Lower Manhattan in 1958 and 1968, for President of the United States as the SPUSA candidate in 1980 and again in 2000, and for the U.S. Senate from New York in 2004 on the Green Party ticket. Through WRL’s connection to War Resisters’ International and the worldwide antiwar movement, David travelled extensively. As a young adult in Ocean Park, California, David met his political mentor Vern Davidson. In the spring of 1956, he moved to the East Village in New York City and began working for Liberation Magazine where he met and worked with Bayard Rustin, David Dellinger, Barbara Deming, A.J. Muste, Dorothy Day, among others.

Throughout his life David McReynolds has been an avid and accomplished photographer. His photo collection of more than 50,000 black and white and color negatives, slides, and prints is full of history. David’s friends and colleagues, aware of this unique collection, are working with him to identify people and places and make the photos available to a wider community while preparing the collection for archiving. More on David McReynolds -

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